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For a parsec, I'm seeing a confluence of clarity in the world. Why does everything only make sense to me when Mercury is in retrograde?

Yesterday, I noticed a gentleman chortling to himself and pointing at a magazine. He was like Burgess Meredith playing a Batman villian, engaging in multiple punchlines, tapping at the page and laughing to himself, ignoring anyone who was watching.

It was the new Consumer Reports, the one with SUVs on the cover. Ten minutes later, he was doing the same thing to a Boston Road Atlas. Whoever put him in the suit did a good job of dressing him.

[ profile] greygirlbeast is overwhelmed by support as her fans and netizens pour in financial support and well-wishes for medical issues:

[ profile] greygirlbeast is one of my favorite writers and all around creative people. Here's a letter about her books that someone wrote to her that says just about everything I would've said, if I'd written it *snicker*:

And she's sold a new SFnal story collection!

[ profile] lagringa is partway to that amazing thing that she so richly deserves as she finally gets to be a literary agent:

And last night, [ profile] buymeaclue, [ profile] nihilistic_kid and I had dessert, then with [ profile] infinitehotel, we had Chinese food and dessert a second time.

[ profile] nihilistic_kid made me laugh so hard that spicy sesame noodles shot out of my nose and sold me a copy of dgk goldberg's new short story collection ,
[ profile] infinitehotel gave me an ARC (from way back when) of Craig Clevenger's The Contortionist's Handbook (
and [ profile] buymeaclue reminded me that there was a point years ago where I was a gym rat.

And today is a day off. I guess it's okay that I'm not getting much done.

"If I had a life, I probably wouldn't notice...
If I had a mind, I wouldn't let it choose for me..."
Dismantled, Had A Life


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