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Tune in to see how many times you will yawn as you are caught up in the gripping lack of character development...

Fridays on Fox!
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1) Monsters with freaky powers that get looked up in books.
2) Eerie haunted weapons that make up for the fact that someone's life is going to be threatened for the second half every issue.
3) A weird younger sister out of nowhere who is secretly a key.
4) Characters you care about.

I like Fred a lot, even now that her face has healed.

For a two-dimensional metaphor for human trafficking, Echo sure does get some implausibly intense adventuring going on.

I could go on. I just feel like the grand overarching plot that has been charted out for the next 100 episodes was what they spent most of their effort on, which makes it even less powerful that those arcs are being fed with glistening half-baked chunks of exposition that doesn't fit the single ep stories.

The first five minutes of episode 2 are enough to keep me following that story so I'll keep watching, despite a bland predictability that no series should run into after a mere three episodes.

Down with sameness. Up with monsters and haunted weapons.

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Like many, I'm quite frustrated by how greedy execs cancel literate and groundbreaking SF television before it can reach its audience.

And I'm one of those people who thinks that Joss Whedon is consistently interesting no matter what he does. Except Roseanne.

So, I encourage everyone who agrees to band together in a campaign to save his new show, Dollhouse, from cancellation.

A place where we can start is in this LJ community:

What? Wait a minute.

Dollhouse hasn't aired yet and doesn't come on my TV until next year?

Never mind.

I guess I'm just PTSD and battle-fatigued / war-fogged from the previous campaigns...


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