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Where does time go?

(I dislike slice o' life posts, though I guess I'm babbling about writing some.)

I got up at 11, got the espresso maker -- that turned up behind the fridge -- working, then I shaved, showered, gathered the novel and got dressed.

(I never know whether to shave first or second. Second and it's slightly smoother because follicles excited, etc. First and I'm less likely to leave shaving cream on my face when I go in public...)

Left at 1 for the library, but stopped at a cafe for an eggplant, artichoke and mozzerella sandwich, a Diet Coke and a Sansbitter -- which I'd never had before and was quite bitter but pleasant.

Library by 2; line-edited the first 7 chaps of the novel while taking notes for the last scene in chap 8 and read Eddie Campbell's new graphic novel. Liked 90 percent of it lots.

Home by 6:30. An hour spent tooling through email and LJ. I owe emails and things to people.

Now I'm off to the storage space, 2 trips up with boxes, then back home to sort through accumulated papers and -- oh I hope -- write more and read more, probably getting food somewhere.

I often feel slothful even though I don't believe in the Seven Deadlies. Tomorrow, I work in the bookstore and just hope I can nestle tons of writing in and around that. And laundry. And submissions, research and pages upon pages.

There are things I need to do with a three-hole punch too.


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