Jan. 13th, 2009

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Changing the channel, tiny people died.
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Hello people I know in the Boston area who have spare money and time and are committed to writing fiction,

I happen to have the odd luxury of being friends with my favorite film reviewer. He was my fave film reviewer first but for a bitter old punk, he's also quite fun to be around. Especially because he knows an unfathomable amount about film, fiction and storytelling. I first encountered his writing when the award-winning Dawn Song came out from Tor. I mail-ordered it and, among other things, I adored how edgy its structure was. I immediately decided that Mike Marano was a veteran of the Gulf War and I've been trying to start that phony rumor ever since. If one person asks him how he deals with the trauma of his memories of combat, I'll be grateful.

(Impoverished or non-Bostonians: please note that I'm trying to educate and entertain you too, just like Mad Professor Mike will if you fly into Boston to take his class at Grub Street on Sunday nights. Grub Street has half-off tuition scholarships available, so the course would be $225 and then you could afford some of the air fare.)

I first encountered his reviews at SciFi.com and the mag Cemetery Dance. And they're brilliant. So, I don't know many people that this applies to, but I recommend him highly. Seriously, he is the real deal.

Act now, time is running out. (PS - Grub rocks too.)

>> ChiZine Fiction Editor, Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-winning
>> horror and SF writer Michael Marano will be offering a new class on "The Art
>> of Genre" at Grub Street, Inc., a non-profit creative writing center
>> dedicated to nurturing writers and connecting readers with the wealth of
>> writing talent in the Boston area. Grub's mission is to support creative
>> writers at all stages of their development so that they can achieve their
>> goals of publication, social and professional networking, gainful employment
>> in the field, and/or personal enrichment. Details are below. For more
>> information, contact Grub Street via their web site at
>> http://www.grubstreet.org/index.php?id=40
>> The Art of Genre
>> Using the unreal in your fiction offers unique opportunities to break
>> fresh, new ground. This class will help hone the tools you'll need to write
>> genre fiction--be it science fiction, fantasy, or horror--with a distinctly
>> literary bent. In addition to the weekly workshopping of short stories and
>> novel fragments, students will be given a background on the genres'
>> histories and their respective subgenres, strategies for using surrealism
>> and postmodernism in their work, approaches to using "real world" research
>> as a way to flesh out otherworldly settings and narratives, and ways to use
>> the unreal as a tool to make metaphoric statements that can only be
>> articulated with fantastic trappings. Other topics covered will be
>> strategies for marketing your work, techniques for idea generating, and
>> protocols for developing their work with the help of editors and agents. The
>> goal is to give you a solid grounding in the demands of fantastic fiction,
>> and a better understanding of literary potential of your favorite genres.
>> $425/$400 members
>> 10 Sundays in Boston, 6pm – 9pm. Begins January 18th
>> Instructor: Michael Marano
>> Registration Deadline: January 15th
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This is a technodisco anthem by Sin With Sabastion entitled "GoldenBoy."

I think the name is meant to be an imperative instruction. Klaus Nomi meets Right Said Fred is my only frame of reference for this.

Yes, his face is painted yellow while he is surrounded by bananas and then changes color with other fruit. 

Yes, he is dressed as the Joker while sitting on a throne on some sort of dias that looks somewhat like a UFO.

Yes, Jesus's face is cut out of the Last Supper and he sticks his face through.

Yes, a young boy is dipped in gold paint.

There is no chaser for this, ever...
but here is Nomi doing Lightning Strikes

Sin With Sabastian is most likely an advance in human evolution.

These  lyrics are wrong but close enough:

Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy
I'm a Goldenboy
Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy
I'm a Golden, Golden, Goldenboy

Prove one - I hate to work
prove two - I never do
prove three - is I get sick
even if I think of it

Prove four - I love to live
Prove five - I live for love
Prove six which finally is
I happen to be good at it !

Special, I`m special, say hey, hey
Special, I`m special, say second best is for the rest
and I'm the best !

I like to spend my days in bed
what I do remains unsaid
to stay in bed is fun and safe
although it is quite poorly paid

Future plans are not for me
no space for that not in my head
I live my life right here and now
tomorrow I might well be dead !

Special, I`m special, say hey, hey
Special, I`m special, say second best is for the rest
and I'm Sebastian!


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