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statistically unlikely

I ph33r the Jackson awards.

I threw them twenty dollars because I know or at least have met lots of the people involved.

I attended the ceremony last year and it was one of the cooler experiences of last year and I figure I'll go again so twenty bucks was my way of encouraging them to keep lauding the kind of books and stories that I like. I could go on and on about the awesomeness of them.

Especially now that they just bribed me into loving them even more.

And it was a cool fundraiser. I've never bothered to have a gambling problem because it seems like a lot of work, but it was gambling for charity, right?

I even managed to overlook how horribly scarred I was that they didn't take a blog entry I'd written for the fundraising antho they did last year... (teasing, honestly teasing)

And I went big of The Darkening Garden. $16 if memory serves.

I was afraid of the dot and Nick Mamatas [ profile] nihilistic_kid 's Tuckerization (which, in my head, started with a different first letter that had clearer connotations) because I saw grave supernatural consequences attached to winning either.

So I threw a buck or two on other things that looked neat.

Laird S. Barron [ profile] imago1  and F. Brett Cox [ profile] parttimedriver  are cool and I love their work. Laird's first book is one of my favorites (I have the trade edition) and seeing something Brett had worked on seemed cool.

So I deleted the response emails and thought, I have to have semi-decent odds on the Clute, but I'm number 180 and there are days to go, so I won't win a thing but it's for an awesome cause so yay them, they even got boingboinged and that's hat really matters, and I moved on.

And I won twice.

I feel that I am now marked out.

If you care about me, please use large stones and aim for my head.

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