Mar. 7th, 2009

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Probably just my aesthetics, but the DVD release of the comic where they pan across with voiceovers or whatever might have been more fun to see up on the big screen than this was, even though I liked that Watchmen actually got made into a movie. The things that got changed made little sense to me and seemed not to fit the story. It seemed like added dialogue didn't ring as true to the characters.

Casting iffy. Pacing flawed and uneven. Seemed to flinch on some of the things that the story needed and wasn't able to recover. Lacked the gritty and scary vibe of the comics.

Good sequential art doesn't translate well. Visually astounding. The character I figured they would most mess up was probably the best. I waited 22 years and worked in a low-rent comic store when it came out and I'm delighted to have been reminded of how much I love the comic and comics in general. It was not great on its own or as an adaptation but not as bad as I had expected. Its tone was  all over the place especially in how it made things funny that would have served the story better if they weren't funny. I think it will make a fortune, shape fashion trends and have a sequel.

I look forward to reading the comic for the first time in years. All hail Glycon. I'm certain that there are movies at most gigaplexes that I would enjoy more, but I love the Watchmen and I'm proud that people were able to get it made. When I went to the Hitchhiker's Guide movie (which I often forget existed and then think how it would be cool if Hitchhiker's were made into a movie), I enjoyed it immensely even though it was a lousy movie because I thought about Douglas Adams and when I'd met him and turns of phrase and visuals and it brought a few pieces of the story to life inside my head in a different way.

I bet the biggest side benefit for me is that reminder bins will have Watching the Watchmen and probably other stuff in them in a few years and I'll be able to read more about Alan Moore. I rejoice in this film because it will drive the price of the Absolute Watchman down to where I can rationalize buying it. Which shows how confused I am because I've spent way more than that on books before and I'll be buying Absolute Death regardless of its cost.

I saw it in IMAX, but I can't imagine that made it worse. It was really pretty.


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