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“Peppermint tea was made by Hades. Many years ago, he loved the river nymph Mintha so damn much that it hissy-fitted his spiteful wench of a mother-in-law, Demeter, and she interceded, with the help of her daughter, and turned Mintha right into dust. Hades’ love of promiscuity caused mint to grow from the dust of his favorite river nymph.”

I'm out of it so I can't seem to think of anything in the world.

Someone has gone to get pizza. Will it help? Who knows?

The above is a long gone bit from the novel-in-progress, back when it was very Gaimany and imbued with other peoples' myths.

The scene is gone, the locale is gone, two of the three characters in the scene are gone and the one who survived had her name changed.

If I get more sleep, I presume I will know where I am again.

The car is parked wrong. Do they ticket on Dr. MLK jr. day?


Mar. 18th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Let's see if the word thingy works.

PS -- I hate word thingys. I don't undestand how anyone can know exactly how long a story can be and I don't know how you can be sure which words are going to stay and which ones are going to get cut. My life is an assortment of scraps of paper. My clutter has clutter. So I'm off to find food and coffee and then I'm going to try to get organized.

It might take a week.

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