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One can only presume that I was trying to put myself into a trance where my own story would make sense to me...

For many years I wrote things without bothering to finish them because it was fun for me to write first drafts. I could dash stuff off, hand it to whoever was nearby and they could say it was kind of neat. I did a bunch of open mics and would read whatever was new and fresh in my head. Now, I'm coming down from too much note-taking, too much order enforced on my nutty ideas. The opposite, really.  Back when it was all personal and odd, disjointed because I was I guess, I started a novel. And made a mixtape that was found in someone's car after the carnage. I think the idea was stolen: The Blair Witch Project did the same thing as a loophole that let them put out a soundtrack even though the songs hadn't been in the movie.

I've lost the tape but I just found an index card where I wrote some of the tracks down. Had to be ten years ago. I tried to find them online, some don't seem to be out there. My sense is that my character was into stuff that I wasn't, but I know that I'm fooling myself.

mixtape that Geoffrey thinks was made based on being in a dead person's car, probably only side one of two

rustic overtones - sector z
[couldn't find the original online easily, david bowie guested the vocals]

ministry - tonight we murder
[pulled from youtube over copyright, this is harder than I thought]

body count - cop killer
[i bet you didn't know that ice-t played guitar with NIN once even though ice-t can't play]

klf - justified and ancient

dead kennedys - police truck

shampoo - trouble

devo - are you ready

melvins - sweet willy rollbar

digital underground - no nose job

living color - open letter to a landlord

voice of destruction (the brilliant california satanist industrial band, not one of the others) - basketcase
[could only find 30 seconds]

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