Jan. 6th, 2009

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I'm too busy at the moment to write much even though the end of livejournal is a lovely topic to pretend to be happy about. Here's the gig. I've read every single thing on my friendslist since I joined. Sometimes I skim it and sometimes I forget, but I read it. I'm certain that there's too much value (as evidenced by the people who don't want to lose stuff and are aiming to back it up on said friendslist) fr it to go under. Someone will buy all the data we've inputed and sell it back to us, it's how capitalism works. Actually, it's how capitalism eats its young and doesn't work but that's a different rant.

I love all of you. I'm Geoffrey H. Goodwin and if you're reading this please feel free to friend me on Facebook until it goes under, but mentioning who you are on lj will help, because I don't accept all requests. Beyond that, I'm packing and moving and there are a billion little things and at least a few big things that I need to write.

I'm happy I write enough that I don't "need" what's on here. I've never liked posting actual work in progress, though I've meant to try. Is it Elvis's birthday yet. I meant to post a wacky essay about Elvis that didn't get bought that I never bother to send out. Who cares. I'm happy that lj could go under and I would miss the joy of reading other people's blogs more than I would miss my own thoughts. I know my own thoughts on almost everything, but I treasure the people I know a whole lot. If I weren't going back to packing, I would find the lyrics to Dismantled's "Thanks for everything," but I'm going to be offline for most of the next two days, so maybe I'll get to everything when I get to everything.

Thanks for everything.


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